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Puddin Love


So i am now back from South Africa where i have the most amazing time! Now back to normality and i have been blessed with blogging this AMAZING look! I am a huge fan to the love that is Harley quinn and Joker soooo here is what i come up with

Puddin Love


Skin –Essences – Loulou
Eyes -IKON Sovereign Eyes – Oxidation
Tattoo – .:::G.ID:::.Lucy Tattoo @ Bodyfy
                *Bolson / Tattoo – Mr. Mockup (Only Face & Neck
Make Up – *League* Classic Wing EyeLiner
                      .ARISE. Liquid Eyeliner
Jewelry -little bones. Puddin Choker @ Epiphany
                little bones. Puddin Cuffs – Silver @ Epiphany
                PUNCH / Helix I  @ Bodyfy
Outfit -Blueberry & Grixdale – Madcap – Pantie – Lara – Jester –      RARE @Epiphany
              Blueberry & Grixdale – Madcap – Tattered Top – Lara –     Jester@Epiphany
               Blueberry & Grixdale – Madcap Jacket – Lara – Jester RARE @ Epiphany
Bat – Blueberry & Grixdale – Madcap – Bat – Pink (Cosmetic) @ Epiphany
Hair -little bones.  Harley @ Epiphany
Mesh Body – Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
Lips – Loudmouth – Alli open
Shoes – [The Forge] Fluer Heels



Loud Mouth 411


So how many of you own a Loud Mouth? 1? 2? Well you should all own one or more they are amazing!

But how many of you actually know the functionality of this beauty mesh mouth?

I have heard it all before

It doesnt fit

it doesnt match

You didnt realise the answers have been staring at you right under your nose or lips so to speak

Here is all you needed to know how to fit customize the loud mouths

Pretty cool huh?

Lil bit of more info you prob all didnt know  you can wear all of your loud mouths at one time! WHAT! yes thats right you can string them together by clicking the little Clapper (Action thing with the play button ((triangle)) in the hud, and then clicking it again. A “Chatter Box” pops up. From there you click on the mouth you wish to use and then the little plus sign, continue doing so until you’ve linked five mouths together. (Or as many as you please) and then turn it on. Your mouths will now cycle through as you’re typing, as if talking. More info on this function can be found here

What you still doing here?? go fix yo mouth! lol

And yes you are all welcome ❤

Love from the Darkykins ❤



So i have been accepted to cover a new event and im super excited!

Bodyfy is a quarterly event that regroup designers of different background that will present their creations in one location. the general theme is connected to everything that touches the skin ( skin, tattoo , makeup , scarification , henna , piercing , jewelry, body part, mesh head, etc.) The style is industrial, alternative, grunge or other similar style. Clothes are not allowed at this event.

Pretty cool huh?

watch this space for more info ❤

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