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NEW at [Tia]


So i have been neglecting my furniture section of my blog recently because well i dont really have alot of things i find worth buying but well i have always bought Tias, from the first thing she ever made, Every item is made with such quality and care i am happy to pay the Ls for it and you will too 😀 lets take a look at her new creations


In this picture you can see i have decorated my house with the [Tia] Ambassador Bed but her 2 newer items are her bookcases[Tia] The Library and [Tia] The Scrollcases

Both come in scripted plain and decor and well worth to get the full pack.

For all of her content –

TY again Tia you never disappoint me


NEW at Sweet Pea


So i have been really girlie with some of my outfits recently and kinda lost my bad assness :/ but then when i thought all was lost Cloey Scorfield saved the day with this new outfit!

::SP:: Thief Outfit



The Thief Outfit comes in a range of colours with matching pants, mask and boots all controlled with a hud!! well worth stopping by and picking up the fatpack

TY again Cloey never fail to disappoint 😛

New at OAL


So i am back from Japan hmm thinking i may do some themed outfits soon 😀

So i return in the wee hours of morn and to my surprise i was left with a OAL gift 😀 as always Lark makes me smile

Lets have a look at what she has to offer this week


introducing MAZU, a new slave outfit and TREASURE CHEST, a decorative item.

MAZU is a two piece slave outfit with a slit skirt and a simple wrap top.  Made of linen with a contrasting linen print on the skirt and top, MAZU also includes a coordinating belly and back tattoo.  Available in 9 colors.

TREASURE CHEST is a copyable mesh chest that includes 9 sits and even a hide.  Perfect for just about any room.


I love both items again the slave item can be mixed as a free and slave, the chest is just too cute and is great for any home 😀

If you took advantage of this on tuesday you would of received the item for 25L but if not still well worth full price. go take a look at OAL store

TY again Lark for always making me smile ❤


New at MAAI


Well what can i say Christmas must of come early! an angel by the name Snow Wolfhunter made dresses that when i first saw them…SCREAMED my name in such a manner i had to have them all. I received a lovely little box of new goodies so i mean i just HAD to open them 😛 the new line Snow has designed are the latex series. They all come in a full range of colours and styles

MAAI dresses

What did i tell ya huh? SO ME!

all dresses you can purchase the demos from in game or marketplace here –

warning once you have bought one you will want them all ❤ ty again Snow

3 Its The Magic Number


I am being a busy bee today 😀

So today really is my lucky day i was given not 1 not 2 but 3 amazing outfits from the tremendously talented ωolƒу DaraKaru (nitestar.albion)

Soma, Nuray, Neona

Cellar door

how cute are these!!!!

all 3 outfits come with matching bangles and head dress with or without butterfly/moth for the low low price of 100ls

try the demo out but i warn you….once you try you WILL buy

Gorean Grunge


SOOOO i finally have a guy who is willing to share his outfits!! i mean come on guys you say we are bad when we see someone look like us?

get ya perv glasses on girls and guys here he is!

Gorean Grunge


ok ok contain yourselves! yes this fiiiine looking man is none other than the smexy Jacob Erwin C.S. Von Strauss (tacodude)

here is what he has on and no! you cant take it off lol

*DL* Eleet – Drop Crotch Pants –
::Mr.Poet::Flying jacket set_Black
Snatched Decan Boots

*DROT* Jeremy 2.0 – Smoke


sorry boys and girls the shape is all his 😛

Thank you Jacob for sharing ❤


This Weeks OAL 25Ls


So i have been very lazy blog wise 😦 as a lot of you may or may not know we said goodbye to Malice Outpost…*sighs* but never mind we just moved haha and under a new name too Malicious Berzerkers so have been busy but log on today and to my surprise lark drops this little goody on me!

ASPIRE 2-Steel

OAL 17th

introducing a sister to ASPIRE — ASPIRE 2, a mini version of the popular ASPIRE.  Just like the long version, ASPIRE 2 is a sexy dress made in a loosely woven fabric, accompanied by knit sleeves, spire shaped tattoos, and a modesty top that wraps around.  In addition, there are LOLAS appliers in all combinations for the tattoo and top.  The dress is in 5 sized and is available on Tuesday, June 18, on a one day introductory special.

As always Lark you always make me smile and make us all look stunning! ❤


I am so excited bout these new outfits!!!

not only do they show off your curves girlies it can be worn as a slave or a free

cellar door new outfit

3 outfits all different styles – ! Cellar Door Azale, ! Cellar Door Bourha and ! Cellar Door Nava

ωolƒу DaraKaru (nitestar.albion) you my dear always come up with the best ideas for outfits at the low low cost no one has the excuse to look bad ❤



So the new word on the street is that Lark has gone hud crazy…oooOOooo we all say and the answer is YES no longer multi outfits with colours we have one outfit with a hud 😛

Ringer is the name lets take a look 😛

OAL ringer

two packages, each with a 6-color changing hud.  The two offerings are Jewel colors and Natural colors. i must say i love this outfit can be made easily into a free woman outfit ❤

Again lark you have really outdone yourself ❤ – if your too lazy to go tot he store here i made it easy click click click buy the store!!

NEW at LostGem


So i have been away on holiday to Florida and recently came back with loooots of goodies ❤

First up on the roll we have 2 outfits Horizon and Thelma

Here is Thelma modeled by the fabulous evilbubble and moi ❤

Thelma outfit


next up the Horizon outfit

Horizon outfit

These are FULL mesh outfits and also can be now omg….MODDED!!! done by the amazingly sexy Joe King ❤ – full range outfits check them out NOW