Under The Red Light


So i have been accepted as a blogger for the amazing eBody! im so excited to show you some amazing extras for the body starting with

eBODY – REBORN – Boing Boing Butt Animations physics!

i actually love this, you can get up to all kinds of things 😛

so here are some gyazos to show the different speeds

I love me some booooing! haha

This is what the hud looks like

I also came up with a cute outfit hope you all like

What i am wearing


eBODY – REBORN – Boing Boing – Butt Animations physics

LeLUTKA Briannon Head 3.1


VELOUR: The “Ipanema Body” for eBody Reborn (Icy)

[Heaux] Lois – Icy *Velour Tone

-PL- Flat Ass

-Pretty Liars- Breast Deformers

-PL- Flatt ass + belly flatter + low back all in one

Bossie. doll eye makeup set [Lel EvoX]

[Eternus] Felicia Lingerie @ Kinky

[Eternus] Juliana Garter @ Cupid’s Fault


FOXCITY. Photo Booth – Rude Series – Be Naked (Red)


Mewsery – Lollipop [Bento] Pose2A

The Witching Hour


LeLUTKA Briannon Head 3.1


-SU!- Agnes Eyebrows

[Heaux] Dark Fae Makeup *EvoX

Bossie. doll eye makeup set

Ladybird // Walcott

Ladybird. // Devotion

MAZE – Frankie skin

[avarosa] Face Blood

[avarosa] Scar 5

[-] NANAO / Diamond Horns – (Resize) Black Set

CryBunBun – Utsukushi Ningyo Outfit @The Inithium Event

e.marie // Shae Earrings – Silvers

Moon Elixir x MUSE – Domestic Bliss – Stockings

[-] NANAO / Xinj Leg Cuff

duckie . frames

FAKEICON / mary gems collar / KUPRA

Slavia Collection “Cameo” @The Inithium Event

.:: AS ::. Rosa Boots – @The Inithium Event

DOUX – Icecream hairstyle

Lunar – Miki Bodysuit Sleeves (Kupra)

Midnight Noodles


So Christmas is fast approaching i hope you are excited?

I have made this cute little outfit i hope you all like ❤

I am in full stalker love with |Eternus|. Not only is every item amazing they come in all sizes including the new ebody reborn!

Here is what im wearing

-SU!- Agnes Eyebrows

[avarosa] Scar 5

[Eternus] Kiss Skirt Fatpack

[Eternus] Petal Top Fatpack

[Heaux] Tiara – Icy

Blueberry – Frank Boots – Thigh High – eBody REBORN

Bossie. doll eye makeup set

Bossie. quick eyeliners


Ladybird // Walcott

Ladybird. // Devotion

LeLUTKA Gaia Head 3.1

{S0NG} :: Bright~ Grey Eye


FOXCITY. Photo Booth – #MyWardrobe

Apple Fall Monogram Suitcases

Apple Fall Scented Candle

Apple Fall Roses Box (Champagne)

Apple Fall Coffee & Muffin

Naruto Ichiraku Ramen – Gold Bowl – [Chris Two Designs]

tarte. garden balloons (3) – mixed


FOXCITY. Prop – Confetti (Floor) (Rez)


FOXCITY. Selfie VOL4-7 (Slightly Edited in black dragon)

Get Jinxed


So I’m sure you have already watched Arcane, if you haven’t where have you been?

As soon as i saw [The Forge] Aftermath Outfit i was like YES this is it the perfect Jinx outfit!

What i am wearing

Xplosion Nana Hair (Crazys) – This hair i got back in 2013! can you believe it? available on MP still looks great!

-SU!- Agnes Eyebrows -Lelutka EVO & EVO X-

-SU!- Tired Eyebags -Lelutka EVO X-

[avarosa] Face Blood 1 (LeL EVO X)

[avarosa] Malik Eyes – X

[avarosa] Scar 5

[Heaux] Cara – Browless – Fair *GA

[LEGACY] Meshbody

[The Forge] Aftermath Outfit @ The Salvage Station

LeLUTKA Gaia Head 3.1

{ T’Ink } HighJinx



pose -.::Hazeel::. Reindeer ride{POSE} Rezz

Fishbones 1.0

Pretty In Pink!


I haven’t been using my blog really and only using Flickr. But i have decided to come back and use wordpress

Anyhow here is my new look

What I’m wearing


LeLUTKA Gaia Head 3.1

.Aitne. Pasties Tag – Available at The Inithium Event

.ARISE. Lip Drool

[Heaux] Gigi – Icy *Velour Tone

Bossie. doll eye makeup set [Lel EvoX]

Bunk. Heart Boujiepop

CryBunBun – Bashful Doll Lingerie – Available at The Inithium Event

CryBunBun – High-High Horse Heels

Ladybird. // Devotion

Lamb. Wave – Light Blonde Pack

{vincue} & Momento – Evie+Bow – Pitaya

Backround – FOXCITY. Photo Booth – Pink Vault

Pose – Mewsery – Feisty

[ INITHIUM ] Kario Flex / Fit


So it is that time you have all been waiting for! That’s right the release of Kario!!

I have been so excited for this release as lets face it us women have SO many bodies to choose from, lets let the boys have some excitement!

In this post i will be showing you EVERYTHING that you will get with your purchase.

1st off lets have a look at the hud

Like the Kupra body the Hud has 4 tabs

1. Shine Control – Here you can pick what colour you would like to set your shine and intensity.

2. Body Accessories – Here you can set nipples (size and colour) and body type (Fit or Flex)

Below is a little gif to show the difference with the fit and flex (Hubba Hubba)

3. Hands and Feet – Here you can change the length, shape and colour of nails

And lastly

4. Miscellaneous – Here you can turn on hand poses, lock ankles and request redelivery

Ok lets take a look at the actual body

Sexy huh?

But being a new body how are you supposed to have a skin to fit or even accessories?

Fear not they got you covered!

The body comes with a starter pack containing all these goodies

  • body hair by N E X U S
  • flip flops by Guilty
  • pants and sneakers by Lybra
  • rings by L’Emporio & PL
  • skin by Not Found
  • swimwear by Legal Insanity
  • tanktop by Cox
  • tanktop and shorts by Mossu

But wait there’s more!

The body also comes with 7 body shades that you can match with any skin you already own! how? let me show you

The body skins that come with the body covers the neck and ears so you can blend it to any skin you already have. (BoM that is)

They have made this so it will work with EvoX

In conclusion i LOVE this body its amazing and i am sure you will too! the body is available from the 18th Nov at the The Inithium Event

Fapple – Puppy Love Kitty Bed


People loved the puppy bed so much they wanted a kitty bed version. It’s very similar to the puppy bed but with kitty accessories. Includes a human sized version with animations or a version for mesh pets with no animations PLUS a hud with 6 different colour variations. Fapple - Puppy Love Kitty Bed

*Fapple- Puppy Love Kitty Bed

Fapple- Endless Love Rug

Fapple- Bank Control Deco

Fapple- Bistro Art 1

Fapple- Bistro Art 2

Fapple- Vase with twigs

Fapple- The Casanova Shelf

Fapple- The Rodion Mask

Taxi – HERE


Fapple- HS Full Set


So with Halloween around the corner what better way to decorate with the help of Fapple!

Deffo not disappointed with this set. The set is the perfect décor for October/halloween but with a hint of kink, of course! Available at the mainstore NOW!

But that is not all!

If you have spied the Kinky pumpkin king and queen and the assorted pumpkins they are also available at the main store as a VIP group gift.

Grab your taxi – HERE


Fapple- HS Full Set

Fapple – Closet of D


So I am super excited to show you the new items my fave store Fapple has to offer!

The Closet of D is the latest Fapple product available from September 5th at the mainstore as part of the PocketShop HUD. You can get your HUD – HERE

The set includes the closet, a rubber carpet, a vase with twigs, a wooden trunk, a framed quote and a bondage chair. The chair has a few single, femdom and maledom animations and rlv capture.

The detail on this set is just amazing let me show you. Please note these shots I have done nothing no editing nada


Amazing right?

Grab this amazing set today you will not be disappointed

Fapple- Closet of D


Woof woof!


So I have had some issues over the last week with my laptop but all ok now 😀 I am back with some sexy Fapple goodies.

Fapple Dog House A cute dog house for your doggy. Mesh, and texture HUD included, there is a version for human puppy with rlv capture and animations for the puppy and a smaller version for doggy avatars with no scripts or animations. Or you can resize the doggy house and use for deco for mesh doggies.

It will be available at the little building outside Fapple or on the Fapple Marketplace Store – Here