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Whats new with OAL

Well i have been neglecting my blog recently as i have been busy building my new sim and group Vindictus Marauders! but lets seeeeee i had time to buy Larks new outfit in EVERY FRICKEN COLOUR!! laughs



I added my own flare to this outfit with the cape and the chain mail but its perfect! new free woman outfit named Simplicity.  Perfect for every day.  Simplicy can also be dressed up for special occasions.  Available in 10 colors. This was also the 25L this week but still worth every Ls full price

All Things Freya and Beautiful!


Today my post is based on everything that is Freya, The outfits are made by the fabulous Muffin Streeter Z.A Von Strauss (tammy.crystal) so let’s have a look at some of her outfits ❤

Freya outfits

All outfits come in various colours for all of your gorean caste needs 😀 take full advantage and take a look at her full range ❤


Hey hey hey all

Well yes i am running very late with this post indeed but i hope by now all of you would of been to OAL as there first stop on there 25L shopping trips. So lets see what Lark had for us this week – *OAL* Burlap Cowl

oal new white

a new slave outfit which can also be worn as a mini dress if you are so inclined but also a free can mix this up and wear it, It comes in many colors so anyone GE or BTB could get away with this. A BIG thankyou again to lark for another amazing creation xox
oal new

New Year New Look?

Well another year has gone past and i have followed a new path that being i am again a Spiritor le gasp watch out SL. The RP did infact catch me by surprise being drugged into believing i was fced to Saint Loki Spiritor (loki.zhaoying) but i would not have it any other way ❤ ANOTHER LEGASP?? Loki rps?? yes he does and here is a taste

[13:06:04]  Saint Loki Spiritor rubbed his face with his hands wiping away any left over liquid from his lips as he smiled to her feeling her hand upon his cheek, his eyes filled with emotion as he nodded his head “ai father did give us his blessing.” a chuckle escaped his mouth as he heard her talk about her ring “don’t tell me you lost it again, that’s like the 12th one” he claimed to her as he then heard her words of calling him her companion, the name of loki being passed down to him from the north god of trickery really was fitting for him, his skills in deception was masterful indeed, as his hands pushes to her side holding her as she held a stare into his eyes, with soft polite toned voice he spoke “im glad i have you back..”

A saint i hear you say? never Darky is no way a saint but a fallen angel indeed 😀 so here is my new look

Fallen Angel

*League* Isla Lipstick -BlackCherry
*League* Skin Jen Suntan -Feline
*VoguE* Samantha Lace top
+:+WTG+:+ **Drops** necklace
+:+WTG+:+ **F+@ RR** jeweled nails
+:+WTG+:+ **Tear** eye charm
– DAMNED –  Tribal Make up
– DAMNED – My Perfect Eyelashes ❤
.Eldritch. Binidh Woad
.Pekka. Forhead cross (red)
:::insanya::: Belt – Dominator 2.0 – Black
>TRUTH< Moxie –  snow
[Etchaflesh Hunt] Gothika Corset
BB – Hair Roses – Rose Red
dl:: Dirtygirls Pipe (2 vertions)
drd bootslazybuckblack
MoiMoi Female Skinny Jeans Fatpack
Nyte’N’Day – Sat Night Sweater – Slate
REPULSE – Living Dead v2 Eyes


This weeks 25L outfit from OAL is one of my faves!! tell me Lark did you make this with me in mind? it’s so something i would wear day in and out!
So when Lark sent me this to blog i jaw dropped worse than the OMG cat. i couldn’t wait for morning so i could get this outfit in every colour… shall we take a look at it? hmm?

*OAL* Sweater Days along with *OAL* Slouchy Boots

OAL 1012013

Both come in a selection of colours from the OAL store for today only 25L i myself have taken advantage and got each and every colour.

TY lark yet again you have supplied us with a fantastic outfit ❤