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Lovely Lolas!!!

Ok so i have gone lola mad!! and everything is all about them with my outfits this week. A dear friend of mine showed me this fantastic store called Maai, all gowns and underwear are made by the very talented Snow Wolfhunter. Here is a link to her marketplace store –,

So i do have a few of these dresses but here are my fave 😀

Maai – Ideya in white

white lola dress

Maai – Muni

bones lola

Both outfits are such fine quality and well worth the money tysm Snow for bringing these gowns to the world of SL ❤

Cyber Fun


So i was walking around amorous and found some great items and it got me thinking HEY my MAZE outfit! thats right anyone been to the sim where you can go shoot zombies? well me and a couple of my besties love going there and we all dress the part. here is mine

cyber outfit

this is what im wearing

*League* Isla Lipstick -Sapphire
– DAMNED –  Tribal Make up
– DAMNED – My Perfect Eyelashes
.ploom. Mile High Pony – Blues & Green
Amorous : Albedo 0 Point 39
[NeurolaB Inc.] Evolution Boots Black Electro V3.1
a m o r o u s // Cyberpunk Eyes (Boxed)
G257 Mainframe Bodysuit – Black & Blue

I must say i loooove all of Matchbook Monday items! everything is such high quality and goes with everything!

This is one of the first post where i have featured Graves latex outfits made by the very talented Jackie Graves! if your looking for something sleep and sexy visit the store ❤

cyber full

OAL 25L Outfit

Hey hey hey its that time again, i have indeed not been keeping up to date with the gorean 25L weeks as my return to MALICE!! so good to be home soooo lets take a look at this weeks outfit that is up for grabs at OAL

*OAL* Draped

OAL 25L 23

is available in 9 stunning colors!! i really love the look of this outfit it is one that can be used and mixed into a free woman outfit! this week will be 25L but still worth the full price. Again Lark you have done a tremendous job never disappoint! ❤




yes yes i have indeed been on a slight hiatus? it would seem but now all back on track i can now bring you some fantastic new looks! lets start off with this amazing look brought to you by the one …the only… – Sir Diego Streeter Von Strauss (damon.pinelli) lets take a look shall we?


– Enigma – The Forsaken Dress comes in 3 different colors and one limited Edition with only 5 COPIES ! grab yours and be unique!!

the outfit can be found at the Fade to Black Gorean district where alot of our fave stores are located, so go wild! –