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So this week i am bringing you the latest creation from OAL ANGELICA!! Not only is this item new its is ONLY 25L today!!

OAL 140513

a versatile mesh dress, perfect for mixing and matching.  ANGELICA features mesh dress, belt, and sleeves, all in 5 sizes.  In addition, there is a coordinating necklace and a rope belt to enhance the design.  ANGELICA is available in 6 color combinations.


TY again Lark for never letting us down xox



So this post is purely for my dear dear Lark owner of OAL who never fails to amaze me with her skills

This week she has some lovely items for the 25L list lets take a look

OAL 6th may

FAIR MAIDEN is a traditional FW dress suitable for both northern and southern women.  FAIR MAIDEN is available in eight colors.

FRAMES is a collection of four mesh frames, fully modifiable with individual faces for texturing.  The wood is a rough grey-brown.  There are four frame choices with different shapes and faces.  The package included holds all four of the frames.

Both items are well worth the 25L so make sure to stop by and purchase ❤


Ok so i think everyone is loving the new complete mesh outfit craze so i thought i would share this with all the others who love this style out there…its a secret? well was untill i was shown it mwahahah

I want to say a huge thankyou to Joe King for showing me this store without him i would be style less 😦

wanna see the outfits? ooh ok ok

Joe mesh

Joe looking smexy as always!

next up moi! i actually made an outfit inspired by Forsaken world here –

I call it preist ❤

priest outfit

Ok this outfit is just a full mesh outfit from Twisted Sista shopping complex i added a mesh cross and put glow on it

next up strike a pose!

Joe and Darky1

one word HOT! wanna know where to get it? here – Twisted Sista shopping complex, Heaven and Hell, Twisted Sista shops,  (233, 195, 6)

BIG ty to Legend Darkrose for making these outfits come alive 😀