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Summerfest and TDR


So Summer is here and what better way to celebrate than giving your avis a lil makeover? The 2 events to look out for in my opinion are the Summerfest which is open NOW and here is your Taxi

Also another event that in my opinion is one of the best and actually goes on monthly where you can find Top Brand Stores selling items for as little as 40L!!! here is your Taxi


Tableau Vivant Essences

All hair above is made by ~Tableau Vivant~ and available at The Summerfest

Skin is made by Essences Skins and available @ TDR event


Spellbound Essences

Hair above is made by Spellbound and available at The Summerfest

Skin is the same as above


Medusa’s Stare @ TTS


So we have had some great items at the Totally Top Shelf event but this look as soon as i saw some of the items the designers had created i had to make an Medusa outfit

Medusa Char Sheet

Skin -Aria: Olympia Skin
Lashes – Clemmm – White Tintable Prim Lashes
Hair – [uL] Gorgon Hair – Natural – @ TTS event
Makeup -::[ET]: Dragon Brown (tattoo)
                  Corvus : Bloody Lips
                  [CORVUS] Fighter Eyeshadow
                  ::NM:: Galaxy Lips (GREEN) Skin Fair 2014 Free Gift ❤   
Eyes – !dM Lamia – NagaEyes **GOLD**
Jewery – -DRD-  Nipple shields
                  *Sweet Kajira*Persefone  Bracelet arm @ TTS
                  *Sweet Kajira*Persefone  Necklace @ TTS
                  *OAL* Persephone’s Crown @ TTS
Chest – Lolas ::: Tango Mirage :::
Teeth – ..Loud Mouth. – Vampire Teeth
Head dress – ~Chimeric Fashions~ Gorgon Wig & Crown (Green & Gold)
Nails – Sweet Poison – Mesperyian’s Claws @ TTS
Tongue – ~JJ~ Serpent Tongue
Staff – *May’s Soul* Atenea staff – TTS
Tail – !dM deviousMind “Lamia” NagaTail **EPIDOTE VIPER**

Hall Of Medusa TTS

Remember the TTS event is still going on grab your taxi here



So today is the day Totally Top Shelf opens @ 12 slt so i thought i would do a post to show some of the amazing items the designers have come up with

Sea Nymph Char Sheet


Skin – #Aria: The Sea – @ TTS Event
Lashes – Clemmm – White Tintable Prim Lashes
Hair – +Spellbound+ Forgotten
Makeup -:[ET]: Dragon Blue (tattoo)
                  Lovely Disarray – Liner Set #1: Doll
Tears – LaGyo_Matilda crystal tears              
Gills – *TSL* Realistic Gills – coloured
Eyes – .: SMC :. Sol Dragon Eyes
Jewery – Zyn ~ Sea Goddess Headdress @ – TTS Event
                Zyn ~ Sea Sirens Amulet ~ Aqua @ – TTS Event
Chest – Lolas ::: Tango Mirage :::
Teeth – .Loud Mouth. – Parted Teeth
Panties – *OAL* Bette Thong
Head dress – ~Tableau Vivant~ Mermaid headdress – Princesses RARE – @ the arcade
Horns – .DirtyStories. Dragon Inside Horns
Nails – {Wicked} Peach – Poseidon Nail Appliers @ TTS Event

Sea Nymph

Pose used RACK Poses – Let Me Be Your Aphrodite 4 – @ TTS EVENT

A big thankyou to all the designers and bloggers involved in this event i love you all ❤



So i have been very busy with the Totally Top Shelf event making sure all the designers get as much publicity as possible for there items but to be honest i dont think i will have to do alot, The quality of the designers work speaks for itself lets take a look 😀


Hermes char sheet


Skin – Essences – Athena TDRF *ivoire*
Lashes – Clemmm – White Tintable Prim Lashes
Hair – ~Tableau Vivant~ Longfall Hair – @ The Arcade
Makeup -+Nuuna+ Meta Yellow 70%
AMB World’s Horrors Gold Stage 1 @ TTS
Lovely Disarray – Liner Set #1: Doll
Eyes – Clemmm – Ghost Eyes
Jewery – *May’s Soul* yakarta double
[AM] Chaind Wings (white) Normal
[Keystone] Aegle – Aged Gold – RARE – @ TTS
Chest – . a i s l i n g . Chestlace
Teeth – .Loud Mouth. – Vampire Teeth
Toga – [Stitched] – Iason male – @ the TTS
Shoes -Bliensen + MaiTai – The Messenger – Sandals gold -@TTS
Bracers – . a i s l i n g . Fangarth-Bracers
Staff – . a i s l i n g . Jahanem Staff @ we ❤ rp

Remember the 1st Totally Top Shelf Event will open 13th June so save thoes Ls ❤

Hermes Message Through The Clouds

Pose used Le Poppycock-Ever after @ The Mushroom Kingdom – The Co Op






so the arcade is here and im so happy for many reasons, The main reason that Deccan owner of EZ The Forge was his first round! lets take a look at what he came up with?

zombie attack char


Lashes – Clemmm – White Tintable Prim Lashes
Hair – ILLMATIC :: Frenchie – Noir
Makeup -[CORVUS] Fighter Eyeshadow
Eyes – Clemmm Experiment 505 Eyes -Dark
Eye Patch – .[The Forge] Eye Patch – Black – @ the arcade
Teeth – .Loud Mouth. – Vampire Teeth
Armor – [The Forge] Pauldron – Black @ the arcade
Belt – [The Forge] Ammo Belt, RARE @ the arcade
Shoes – -DRD-  Grunge tigh highs  – Dark Net
Helmet – [The Forge] Punk Helm – Black – @ the arcade
Top – MoDANNA [Glory Collection] Shredded Top Black
Skirt  – -SU!- Tartan Mini Skirt Red
Tights – [RA] Shredded Tights Pants *Black*
Gauntlets – RO – Azrael Gauntlets
Mace – [EZ] Bacurd Mace

Zombie attack

Upcoming Events!


so i want to take this moment to just list a few events you should keep an eye out for

So we im sure are very sad the Fantasy Gatcha is closed as of now BUT DONT BE AFRAID! darky is here with a lil gatcha fix for you – There is the Retired fantasy gatcha going on NOW where the old FGC

Also there are other events starting soon we have The Co-Op with there mushroom kingdom 😛 and of course my own event! Totally top shelf that starts 13th june but not to mention i know you are all looking forward to THE HAIR FAIR!

starting 12th July ❤

hair-fair-2014-join-us-banner The Co-Op Presents_ The Mushroom Kingdom - June 7 - 21st topshelf-logo

Shoes…OMG shoes


So call me a typical girl but i am obsessed with AZOURY Shoes!!

Yes they are far from the normal high heel shoe and explore all the corners of fashion brought to you by the talented Mayhem seetanAZOURY new release is a Platform heel called Aya that come in both dark and light

AZOURY - AYA Shoe - Dark - with white and Dark strips

Please note these shoes are not made for the slink feet but add-ons for JD Myfeet

Aya Shoes

Darkness Falls For A Princess?


Lots and Lots of events is keeping this little princess very busy but what better way to than with the Fit For A Princess event which is open now!

This post is featuring the amazing talents that are Ravenna Rossini owner of Frogstar and Roula Laville owner of {T.T}Tiny Trinkets Accessories, Also i have to share this amazing outfit corset skirt outfit i am wearing in my picture as it is AMAZING! lets take a look


Darkness Falls Char sheet

Lashes – Clemmm – White Tintable Prim Lashes
Hair – *booN cornrows hairbase all colors pack
            *booN MMK375 hair black/chocolate/purple
Tattoo – Clemmm -oil stuffs
                Lovely Disarray – Vampiric Manifestation [UNISEX]
Makeup -Clemmm – Sakura Kiss Lip Blushe
                 +Nuuna+ makeups v12 female
Eyes – Clemmm Fract Eyes Rainbow
Glasses – .:A&M:. Reader Glasses – Black – GSP#6
Teeth – .Loud Mouth. – Vampire Teeth
Horns – .DirtyStories. Dragon Inside Horns
Jewelry – Frogstar – Modern Princess Pearls #1 Original Necklace RARE – @ Fit For A Princess
                 Frogstar – Modern Princess Pearls #2 Original Bracelet RARE – @ Fit for a princess
Hat – {T.T}”Diva’s Hat” skulls @ Fit For A Princess
Dress – [Etchaflesh] Black Widow Garter Outfit
Umbrella – RO – Umbrella – Broken RARE

Darkness Falls

Pose Used – ::Axix:: LadyCrow.

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The Co-Op Presents: The Mushroom Kingdom – June 7 – 21st

Yes its that time again! and June is a very busy month it seems! so make sure you save them Ls and mark the date

The Co-Op Presents_ The Mushroom Kingdom - June 7 - 21st

Participating Designers:


Guest Designers:




So as you must know by now it is the Totally Top Shelf Opening debut 13th June and we have some amazing designers for you all, The theme is greek mythology and i decided to do an outfit inspired by Gaia

Lets see what i have come up with

Gaia char sheet

Lashes – Clemmm – White Tintable Prim Lashes
Hair – *Calico* Pearl – Blacks & Whites
Tattoo – Lovely Disarray – Geostigma Disease
Lovely Disarray – Haunted Souls [Unisex]
Makeup -Clemmm – Sakura Kiss Lip Blushe
Eyes – Clemmm Fract Eyes Rainbow
Teeth – .Loud Mouth. – Vampire Teeth
Headress – [Keystone] Aegle – Silver/Gold – SECRET – @ the TTS
Jewelry – [BP] Gaia Necklace – @ THE TTS
Crown – [BP] Gaia Crown @ the TTS
Top – Wimey: Forests of the Orinoco Top (Greens) UNCOMMON
Skirt – Wimey: Forests of the Orinoco Skirt S (Greens) RARE
Vines – ! the Lounge – Singer in the Weald – Bark Brown


The pose used above is RACK Poses – Let Me Be Your Aphrodite 3 which will also be available @ the TTS event