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So we are just hours away from the opening of the Fantasy Gatcha Carnival i really wanted to do this post. I saw previews for the outfit im wearing and couldnt wait to get my hands on it

Here is what i came up with

Captain Hook Char

Skin -Essences Essences – Linka @ TTS GROUP GIFT
Lashes – Eyelashes -16- Elemental *REDGRAVE*
Hair -little bones. Captain – ULTRA RARE @FGC
Makeup – *League* Classic Wing EyeLiner 1 Tattoo
                   {S0NG} :: Elemental Make-up +Liner @ TTS (opens 11th Aug)
Eyes -{S0NG} :: Bright~ Summer Eye – ‘ TTS (Opens 11th aug)
Pets – Alchemy – Mr. Shmee RARE@ FGC
           Alchemy –  Jack The Monkey @ FGC
Jewery -Alchemy – Pirate Necklace – Silver @ FGC
Teeth – .Loud Mouth. – Parted Teeth
Sword -. aisling . The Unexpected Wife – Sword  @ Enchantment
Top – =Kio= Oriental Desire – Red Rare @ FGC
Jacket – Alchemy – Captain Wench – Medium  -Black- RARE @ FGC
Hat – Alchemy – Captain’s Hat – Black – RARE
Eye Patch – Alchemy – Captain’s Eye Patch – Black – RARE @ FGC
Pants – [Sassy Kitty Designs] Willow Skirt Black Leggings @ FGC
Boots – *LightStar-ThighHighBoots

Be sure to save up thoes Ls and visit FGC 8th @ 12

Captain Hook


Memoirs Of A Geisha


So this week is been a very busy week, we are just days away from FGC opening and TTS but if you are in need of a fix of event fun you should check out KAGAMI2014

There is a japanese themed mall full of horrors and creepy tales. There is also a cool like hud game to follow which takes you on a tale of horrors and strategy where you are TPed around to different places where you will talk to NPCs and collect items to complete the story. I must say it is one of the best events i have been to in a long time!


Ok so moving on i have come up with a great outfit inspired by both TFG and KAGAMI2014

Memoirs of a Geisha Char

Skin -Essences Essences – Linka @ TDR
Lashes – Eyelashes -16- Elemental *REDGRAVE*
Hair -[LeLutka]-DULCINA hair
Makeup – *League* Classic Wing EyeLiner 1 Tattoo
                   {S0NG} :: Elemental Make-up +Liner @ TTS (opens 11th Aug)
                   Lovely Disarray – Neri-Oshiroi Base With Liner & Red Eye Shadow
                   Clemmm – Sakura Kiss Lip Blushe
        Eyes -{S0NG} :: Bright~ Snow Eye – ‘ TTS (Opens 11th aug)
Jewery -AZOURY – AMALYS Necklace and Ring (Black)
              =Kio= Oriental Desire – Hair Decor EPIC @ FGC
               [Tia] Empress Hairpins R – RARE @ FGC
                [whatever] Flower Bindi
                The Annex – Dream of Summer – Head Piece – Fading @ FGC
                The Annex – Dream of Summer – Shoulder Piece – Fading @FGC
Teeth – .Loud Mouth. – Parted Teeth
Staff – [Tia] Empress Staff – ULTRA RARE @ FGC
Top – =Kio= Oriental Desire – Red Rare @ FGC
Jacket – =Kio= Oriental Desire – Black Rare @ FGC
Wings – [BP] War Fans v09 common @ FGC
Harness – [Haste] Knotted Rope Harness Ultra Rare Black @ FGC
Pants – -Pixicat- Rogue (We<3rp)
Paint Pot – {anc}Japaneseatelier/brush/kokihi [wear&rez]1Li RARE
                     {anc}Japaneseatelier/dyedmudpigment/kokihi [wear&rez]1Li RARE
                     Both @ FGC

Memoirs of a Geisha

Be sure to save thoes Ls for FGC!