Night Time Day Time


So i have had the pleasure to blog some fantastic new skins from [Mignonne] for the Tres Chic event

There are 2 Skins you can purchase 1 being a beautiful gift!

The 1st skin is not something i am used to wearing but as soon as i applied it to my Catwa Annie head i was in love!. there is also an hud option for messy brows, so you know how it is, when your feeling lazy and your not grooming them brows this look is perfect!


Mignonne Messy Brows

Meg comes with 2 options on the hud 1 clear skin 1 with freckles. I love the freckles myself.

Also up for grabs is a lips hud with 19 different shades

Mignonne Meg Lips

The Gift skin is also an applier for Catwa called Meredith here you can see both below

Night Time Day Time Look

Left is Meg right is Meredith


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