Good Girl Set


So im sure you all know ROMP is back and its back with a bang (no pun :P)

Here are some of the amazing furniture which is available at the event

Good Girl setup.png

Fiasco – Musa Desk Adult @ ROMP
Fiasco – Athene Black Chair Adult @ ROMP
Secret Garden: Bondage Ladder [C/M/NT] –  v1.1  – Dictatorshop @ ROMP
The Naughty Chair 1.0a by Dictatorshop [C/M/NT] @ ROMP
Jian :: Hearthside Living – Fireplace @ ROMP
Exposeur – Precious Pet Cage @ ROMP
hive // good night bed @ ROMP
Ama. : Cupping Decor @ ROMP
Ama. : Figging decor@ROMP
=Zenith=Vintage frame with dress (Milk)
=Zenith=Vintage Frames – RARE


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