Beautiful Essences of Belleza

So i have some great and exciting news! The amazing talent that is Inka owner and creator of Essences skins has brought us all appliers for all the shades of the new EVO skins Pale 01, Pale 02, Medium 01, Medium 02, Dark 01, Dark 02

lets take a look (and if you blush easy dont look!)

Essences Belleza Appliers

Here they are and me in my naked beauty! i would of worn panties and bra but then what would be the point? I mean when we are trying these things what is the first thing we look at?


So above i am wearing the amazing and sexy Belleza Venus!

Unfortunately this body is no longer available to buy at this present time but do nut be disheartened or upset it will be back (whatch this space for updates).

the hair is the stunning CATWA HAIR MissFortune pack A

The above skin shown is the LouLou range from Essences Skins.

So when i was playing around with the Venus i decided hey its coming up to christmas and i haven’t done an angel picture?? WHAT IS THIS MADNESS!

As the venus is angel like and flawless i decided this would be the perfect opportunity!

Show Me Love

Skin -Essences {Loulou – CDS} Pale02 *brunette*
Mouth – .Loud Mouth. – Alli
Teeth – .Loud Mouth. – Parted Teeth
Body – -Belleza- Venus
Make up -*League* Gift: 3 Classic Wing Eyeliners
Lashes – Eyelashes -16- Elemental *REDGRAVE*
Eyes – {S0NG} :: Bright~ Aqua Eye
Wings  – RO – Holiday Spirit – Celestial Wings  RARE
Foxes- Woodland Wonderland – Watch Necklace – Silver
Hair – .Olive. the Snow Queen Hair – RARE

5 thoughts on “Beautiful Essences of Belleza

  1. They are absolutely beautiful! But what i don’t understand and i was extremely upset about it is the 100% marked up price in comparison. The other body appliers are ALL 399 without exception. The Belleza one is 799L. I was a little disappointed in this 😦

      • Yes! Its all in one same way as ALL the others. TMP is 399, Lena is 399, and Slink is 399. All for ALL tones in one. Also Slink appliers got added. They are heavily marked up too…300 for a pack.

      • i think some of the designers are scared about the belleza being discontinued cos of the actions taken against them maybe trying to make there money back on the body? im not too sure

      • Hmmm not sure either but I doubt Inka thinks this way. Maybe I’m wrong, but she was always weird with appliers and prices XD
        Belleza is not in danger at all and soon up again as far as I know. The things they post on their blog seem that it is going to come back.

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