Im super excited about the November round of The Fantasy Collective. Starting 20th Nov The Fantasy Collective also will be a monthly event!

Here are the designers taking part for this month

Juno Mantel Junbug
Graea Resident ::Bite&Claw::
Aymee monk keystone
Augurer Luminary
Kinu Mayako SAKIDE
Kamayari Resident |CerberusXing|
empyreanforge resident Empyrean Forge
distorteddreams resident [Fetch]
Manuel Ormidale 22769
Surrealia Anatine Stockholm&Lima
kathya szczepanski Pekka
Darshe Aliev //Monster Slayer//
Louise Marsault LE FORME
AinaraLuas resident Luas
rockstarroo GossipGirl Atooly
Synjari Myriam Senzafine
Citta Wiskee ATTIC
Titania Halasy Faida
Artizanmesh Resident Artisan Fantasy
Monica Outlander Miamai
ValentinaEvangelista Resident Valentina E.
hadarah Steamer Sweet Lies Designs
Seller Xenno FDD Store
vivienmarli resident Entwined
Wicca Merlin Wicca’s Wardrobe
Vix Nirvana .storybook.
Izzie Button Izzie’s
Tommy Fairplay Damselfly
May Tolsen May’s Soul
Sh0rtie Swagga
Rogan Diesel Diesel Works
Epic Maidstone Distorted Dreams
Sopha Portal – Mudskin


Be sure to save your Ls this event is gonna be amazing ❤

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