Jungle c@ll

Featuring Totally Top Shelf ❤

@ world of B@


Far back in time, her ancestors did there morning walk between the big trees in the jungle. But she is a creature of 2100 century and the city is her jungle. Early in the morning, when most are still lying in the safety of there warm beds, that’s whenthe jungle calls her name and she walks her pet…

Lots of news is going on or coming up. First of all a heads up on the upcomming event Totally Top Shelf Events? Totally Top Shelf Events (TTS Event) is a new event starting at the 13th June, hosting brands like Black Pearls, Freya, PFC, LUAS, Yasum Design, The Fallen, May’s Soul, Aii, uLukie, Sweet Poison, Meshed Up, Tideborns, !gO!, Rack Poses, On A Lark, Kei-Spot, Stitched Gods, and Belissima! So keep your eyes open, cause more info about this new event will of cause be posted here.

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