So i have been playing around with all the different gatcha items and the one that really stood out for me was the *N*SUZURAN lilly of the valley they were my nans fave flowers so i had to make a cute special outfit and what better way than to add some !!SDD and Heartistic

Lets take a look shall we?

_3 Heartistic Bound Ribbon For Slink High Feet _N_SUZURAN GACHA AD Nia Moon


Here is what i came up with

sugarplum fairy cover

Lashes – :OW: Babydoll MAX Volume Lashes
Eyeliner -vive9 _. Maliah in SPF200
Hair -.b – honey – splash – in pop
Eyes – random.Matter. Ascent Eyes – Rose
Brows – .r.M. Misery – Eyebrows
Teeth – .Loud Mouth. – Vampire Teeth
Face Chains – Keystone] Esme Facial chains
Jewelry – ! !SSD ~ Nia Moon ~ Anklet Left
! !SSD ~ Nia Moon ~ Anklet Right
! !SSD ~ Nia Moon ~ Belt
! !SSD ~ Nia Moon ~ Bracelet Left
! !SSD ~ Nia Moon ~ Bracelet right
! !SSD ~ Nia Moon ~ Earring Left
! !SSD ~ Nia Moon ~ Earring right
! !SSD ~ Nia Moon ~ Necklace
! !SSD ~ Nia Moon ~ Tiara
All Available @ FGC
Feet Ribbons – Heartistic Grass Stained Ribbons
Mesh Hands – Slink Avatar Enhancement Hand gesture
All of the *N*SUZURAN collection lilly of the valley available : FGC


I have actually been playing around with my PS for this pic also and decided to draw in the hair lashes more detail ect on the skin and hair so pls be nice lol

Sugarplum Fairy

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