Beauty Is Skin Deep


So this post is to focus on an amazing new skin created by the amazingly talented  Azlyn Vaher owner of Yasum Designs and Ramya Skins, There is no ends to her talent she makes amazing clothing and now skins!!! lets take a look shall we?

ramya skin

This is the Yasel skin in shade 3 FADE

the skin comes in 12 tones 1-6 full colour or Fade and guess what

ALL APPLIERS EVEN FOR THE GHETTO BOOTY!! yes so no copying ncs for dat ass

If you wish to take advantage of this beautiful skin it is on sale for wait for it…..$L599 at the store untill tomorrow!! (full price $L1299 that is for ALL appliers enc the new slink head)


yes it is

Ramya skin fade 3

All poses for these pictures i have used [Captivity Co.] Hello and Captivity Co. -Naiya created by the tremendous talent that is Shannoncharlize gossipgirl and Amanda Randall

the BEST for poses in sl ❤

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