So yes we have some more goodies from the fantasy gatcha! this round im sure everyone is gonna want everything so this post i have decided to focus on the talents that i show in the display textures below ❤

!gO! Fantasy Gacha Carnival - vendor .Enfant Terrible. Midsommer Dream Gacha Aii - Fantasy Gacha Muse Poster DaphnaieEpaulettesAdGacha GachaAd-Demonic-FaceTatsMeshedUp All Gacha Items

Lets see what i came up with

Panther Gatcha Madness

Lashes – :OW: Babydoll MAX Volume Lashes
Eyeliner Extreme -[CORVUS] Fighter Eyeshadow
Bodypaint – Gacha Tattoo – Covered [Demonic]
Gacha Tattoo – RARE Venus Colorable [Demonic]
Hair – *booN LCA518 hair black/chocolate/purple
Eyes – REPULSE – Living Dead v2 Eyes
Mesh Hands – Slink Avatar Enhancement Hand gesture
Headband – *[MeshedUp]*_Head Band Black
.Enfant Terrible. Midsommer Dream Flowerband pastel RARE
Staff – .Enfant Terrible. Midsommer Dream Staff Silver ULTRA RARE
Jewelry – .Enfant Terrible. Vintage Girl rings
*[MeshedUp]*_Circlets Gacha Common
:: Axix :: Voodoo Necklaces RARE
Wrap – PFC~The Hunter – Yeti RARE
Mouth – .Loud Mouth. – Vampire Teeth
Armband – *[MeshedUp]*_Armband Gacha Common black
Shoulder – Sweet Poison – Daphnaie Epaulettes UR
Dress – !gO! gore Carnival dress @ the fantasy gatcha
Boots – *[MeshedUp]*_Boots Gacha Common black

Nails are an applier – slink nails – fashionable black

TFG primal


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