So yes you hear it right! as of the 20th January TFC will be hosting a mini round with some amazing items for you to sink your teeth nails whatever you wanna into! here is the list who will be taking part

Anke Hatchuk – DDD
Keystone – Aymee Monk
Hatili Ishtari – OrisiniSun
Syn Beresford – Little Pricks
Paco Pooley and Manual Ormidale – 22769
Adele Bumblefoot – Stitched
Veridian Frog – Mood Swings
Katya Valeska – An Lar Poses
SySy Chapman – SySy’s
Graea Resident – Bite and Claw
Bee Dumpling – White Armory
Augurer – Luminary
Kathya Szczepanski – Pekka
– The Library
Thord Karu – Primus
Dan 8391 Silvercloud – Stitched Gods
Amanda Randall – Captivity
Aribeth Zelin – Atomic Faery
Discovering Destiny – On A Lark
Distorteddreams Resident – Distorted Dreams
Tea Soup – Tea.s
Morten Absent – EVO Faeries
Kreao Kujisawa – Kreations
Sasha Arabello – Wimey

Watch this space for more info ❤

The Fantasy Collective

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