Yes yes another amazing post for TFC this post is to focus on the amazing talents that is Juno Mantel owner of Junbug, Deccan Arida the owner of The Forge and EZ Weapons, Sash Arabello the owner of Wimey and Zib Scaggs the owner of Zibska

All these amazing designers have come up with these beautiful items for you all to take advantage of limited for this event lets take  look

Forge Eldar Armour Female Wood The Wild Wood Gacha - TFC Junbug Wimey_ The Elven Circlet for Fantasy Collective

And here is what I came up with

TFC Juno lust

I love this gown on its own but the added accessories made the outfit come alive! A big ty for the designers for coming up with these creations, REMINDER THE EVENT IS NOW OPEN THE FANTASY COLLECTIVE IS LOCATED ON THE EZ THE FORGE SIM GRAB YOUR Ls AND GO SHOPPING MAD!!

Junbug tfc

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