The Outlaw

Love this idea it hopefully will make more people actually use there brain ❤ rp is not dead just people have become lazy

The Big Bang

Asuma, this half Pani, half Turian outlaw. His mother, Tuka born into the Merchants caste of the great city of Turia. Her father rich and powerful with a rather bad Kanda addiction who lost it all one night, their family reduced to almost nothing, Tuka found a place on a trade route between Ar and Turia trading perfumes where she found a guard named Takahiro an older one of the guards on the caravan blinded in one eye, they fell in love and were companioned several years after she had left her family in Turia. After some years of traveling the lands of gor she fell pregnant, once they finished their last trade route to Ar they stay, opening their own shop called “The scent of Turia” a small simple perfume store in which Tuka made perfumes, her companion Takahiro helped her until she gave birth to their little boy…

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