yes yes the post we have all been waiting for, I believe it was a week ago when the lovely Chandra Meehan teased all the blogging team with a taster of her item in the form of a texture and for that week i craved to receive the blog box but no it was not that simple Chan actually came up with a fantastic idea for us bloggers, All of us know if we were asked what colours we wanted 9/10 people would say black…white but to keep things fresh Chandra decided to do mystery boxes for us to pick and me being me….couldn’t decide so the lovely Chandra gave me one that a lot did not ask for….and i can not understand why? watch this space first lets see what we have up for grabs shall we?

lamia accessories eyes lamia accessories gatcha Lamia gatcha colour chart lamia trident

Stunning right?

oooh yes yes the colour i received well i was given Banded Citrine and this is what i came up with

lamia outfit gatcha

isnt it just perfect! i actually think i have become an orange lover 😛

Lamia Love

TY again Chandra for giving me the opportunity to blog this amazing creation. Remember guys we are only days away from opening day!! so save thoes Ls x

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