so this post is dedicated to the stunning and amazing talent that is Bryn Oh and her Gatcha Item Ladybugs. I have to say when i heard that Bryn was taking part in this round of fantasy gatcha i was so starstruck i almost could not even reply to the IM to say thank you when i received them! lets take a look shall we?

gacha poster for bryn oh

Beautifully breathtaking right?

11 Ladybugs plus 2 rare one mosquito and wasp Bitey and Stabby. If you or anyone else clicks on the rare ones they will give you a link to a machinima poem Bryn has created on youtube. Beside Bryns display stand at the event is a free display case for those who might like to put their collection on a wall in their home.


So as myself i was thinking hmmm how can i do these items justice with my blog post? I GOT IT where better to take my pics than none other than Bryns sim Immersiva!

prepare for the film reel peeps!!

ladybugs Bryn Oh blue room darkness comes light Juniper my collection through the window tunnelvision White Lines

I had so much fun with this post a big thank you to Bryn for really making my day ❤

make sure you collect them all at the fantasy gatcha you will be disappointed if you dont


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