So im very very excited with this gatcha post i had so much fun with the outfit i decided to work with. This blog post will be focusing on the fantastic 3 stores the amazing talents of {PhotoTonic} owners – Faeydra Aluveaux  and Lancelantash Resident, The Stringer Mausoleum owned by the fabulous Helena Stringer and last but no means least Tea Soup! owner of [tea.s]

Lets have a little look at what they have created for the gatcha event!

[tea.s] Brainz Headband Gacha AD phototonic The Stringer Mausoleum - Mummy Rot Eyes

The eyes above are actually worn by moi! ❤ aint they spoooooooky!!

now i know exciting stuff right?? this is what i came up with

House of horrors

CREEEEEEEPY right? haha

i see you looking at the shoes also hmm? what shoes HAH!

Zombie Mesh


i was going through my inventory looking for heels and i could find NONE (kinda sad a woman no shoes??) when i remembered a dear friend of mine made these beauties!!

Alecto thankyou so much for adding the icing on my outfit!

if you are interested in these or hell any other items in her store

.:FuriouS: –

Huh your asking where the the pose is?? haha i saved that for last!

Hanging Horror

i LOVE this time of year haha!!

ty all store owners for making this creation come alive!

also viewers you have to take part to get the items on this blog. GET IN OR MISS OUT!


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