So i have decided to pair up 2 of my fave items i must say in the fantasy gatcha this round! its none other than the very talented נᴀʟɪʟᴀн ѕᴇᴠᴇʀɪᴜs נɪᴇ owner of GSpot and Tea Soup owner of [tea.s] both ladies are spoiling us this round! watch this space for more items! (what? you really think this was it? there is more! lots more)

What? just by mentioning these fabulous ladies names hasnt got you wanting to break down the door of the sim holding the gatcha let me tease you a lil just a lil more…..

Gspot gatcha Celestial gatcha

mhmm yeah now i know you want them!


teehee guess who got spoilt!!

ok ok ill stop but please if you really want these items they are EXCLUSIVE to the event and you have to take part to actually get the items ❤ remember 1st – 31st oct!


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