NEW To Cellar door!


so this will be a rather large blog post why you ask? cos dear Wolfy has been a busy girl! yes i will be showing you not 1 not 2 not 3 not even 4 or 5? pfft i have 6 for you!

lets take a look at the first set of 4

Cellar door new

Cerys, Grace, Noel and Elspeth a great full skirt and full covered top to mach perfect for any free woman of gor     – Demos found here

Well these dresses are amazing and im sure very expensive dont you say? let me see huh!! 100L?? see no excuses now ladies not to make an effort and with prices like this no excuse not to buy all 4


celar door group gift

This is the new group gift from cellar door all you have to do to receive this is to join the group (but im sure you all are in it – crazy if your not lol)

Ok next up some sleek and smexy gowns with a hint of mystery!


Raina and Ava both stunning gowns with plunging back showing the sexier side of dark and mysterious! haha exactly my style.

both dresses are available to buy at TOTAL ANARCHY and for a small sum of 66L!! here is the link to tp –

ωolƒу DaraKaru! You never fail to amaze me on a daily basis ❤ you girl!



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