So today my post is to concentrate on the amazing Lark owner of On A Lark and her new creations 😀

Ok so first up is this weeks 25Ls outfit *OAL* Blayze a delightful vest and skirt with oh so many possibilities.  The vest comes both with and without the flame stitching, so you actually get two vests in the set.  The skirt is belted, hugging those hips warmly.  Also in the set are two tops (one that is sheer and one opaque) and a long necklace with a viking emblem attached.  BLAYZE is suitable for free women, and removing the top, for slaves as well.

OAL Blayze ~ Steel

The poses above used are actually Diesel Works Poses found at the colab 88 this month

Next up is last weeks 25Ls item *OAL* Amadi  a slave outfit that can be worn in several ways.  Wear the top alone with the included thong (if you must), the skirt alone and show off those Lolas, or the complete outfit including bracelets and a gem laden dangle.  Available in 9 colors.

OAL Amadi ~ Cyan

Thankyou again Lark for making GE gor sexy <333

oal snake


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