Oh Wait More? Gatcha Mermaid!


So with every post i get more excited, This time i get to focus on something out of gor LEGASP!!

This post i will be focusing on the amazing creations from Chandra Meehan co owner of !dM deviousMind

lets have a look at what she has made for the Fantasy gatcha

!dM deviousMind _Erielle_ Mermaid GACHA __COLOR CHART__

Mermaid Gatcha

The mermaid tails are going to be 75L per play, the starfish pasties 25L. The pasties are build to fit both regular SL as well as Lolas Tango mesh breasts – simply click them and you will be offered the menu to switch style, reposition and you’re good to go 🙂 Use resize menu to finetune where needed, it should be fairly straight forward and self explainatory once you’re in the menu.

The common mermaids are leaned on a more realistic scales texture and come in **FIRE FISH**, **PINK SUNSET**, **PURPLE HAZE**, **DEEP OCEAN**, **TURQUOISE SEA**, **MINT BREEZE**, **EMERALD BAY**, **POISON LIME** and **SALMON SPRING**.

The RARE tails however go noticably more exotic and will grant you a glance or two as glowing hot **LAVA**, fragile soft **KOI**, femme-fatale **RED ROSE** and the shining bright **RAINBOW**((shown above is the KOI))

I myself had alot of fun playing around with these tails! making new and interesting looks and im sure you will too! be sure to stop by the Fantasy Gatcha!

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