New To OAL


So i was  sent a nice gift today from Lark (discovering.destiny) with not 1 but 2 outfits!!! if that wasnt enough i also in this weeks pack received her new cuddle fur! shall we take a look at the first outfit? SOLEIL

OAL Soleil

Check me shoving off my curves 😛

SOLEIL is a versatile and adorable summer item for both in Gor and out.  It features a haltered top with three options for the bottoms.  There is a long skirt, a mini skirt, and even bikini bottoms.  Mix and match as you wish.  In addition, there is a beaded necklace and belt both featuring a carved wood and turquoise sun emblem, thus the name, SOLEIL

This was actually last weeks 25L sale if you didnt get the chance to pick it up go now!! still worth the Ls you pay for it

Next up ROMANY and this weeks 25L item!

OAL Romany And cuddle rug

ROMANY is a flirty outfit featuring a long skirt with gypsy like patterns and a gypsy top.  In addition, Lark has crafted a bellychain and a head chain with coins dangling.  Finally there is also a wrap belt to finish the look

I also included in this picture the cuddle fur this item was actually last weeks 25L sale item but for full price still a well forth item for any gorean home

Again Lark never fails to amaze me with her skills!! ❤ you Lark

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