So today i will be concentrating on some of the new items up for grabs which i must say im in LOVE with. This post will also help a few people that are a bit skeptical about purchasing the items cos well we all know new outfits + everyone buying them = originality lost

So lets take a look shall we?

forge group

Again i had help from the sexy JJames Alter *swoons* also i have asked Best Janna NA (chandira), she put together a fantastic outfit for slaves based around the forge armour

So here myself is wearing [The Forge] Daerwen Outfit, (Black / Silver) nothing added just the normal way it comes but still a fantastic outfit but everyone will wear it this way cos its easy.

JJames Alter *swoons* is wearing the male armor Black/Bronze mixed with the fallen legend outfit  with the redemption belt added 😛 ((see see its not hard to mix and match is it?))

next up is the smexy Chandira who came up with this masterpiece! first glance i would say hmm kick ass bond! but could also be worn as rp for mamba style sims lets take a look

Pip Forge outfit

ISNT THIS HOT!! so love this!! and lets see how she came up with this

shape: Nonya
Skin: Nonya
Eyes: Poetic Eyes in Pearl – Artic Sea
Lashes: Maxi Gossimer – Wildfull  thick

HeadDress:  Rust headdress
Horns:  Cellar Door – Adara
Necklaces:  Kosh – Shane Male
Kosh – Angel Key Male
Cellar Door – The Seer
Staff: Imogen’s Staff of Myrmidon
Collar: The Forge –  Banded Collar Onyx
Armor:  The Forge- Daerwen (Bronze/Brown)
Belt:  The Forge- Daerwen (brown)
Chest Belt:  The Forge – Daerwen (brown)
Boots: The Forge – Daerwen (brown)
Shoulder Tuff:  GSpot – Nightmare Fem Left Shoulder fur
Belt/Skirt: GSpot- Punkstar Furr-Skirt (Dark Brown)
Ripped Gloves: GSpot- Nightmare Fem
Socks: League – Side Gartered Stockings (Khaki- Brown Garter)
Dartgun: EZ Weaponry – Irdu Blowdart Sheath
Face Scar: Lost a knife fight (We ❤ RP cheapie)
Bruises: Bite and Claw – Battered Face Partly healed.
Ear Cuff: Glow Studio- Ear Cuff
Corset: Gorean Rose – Slut Corset (Rust)
Parted mouth: Mousey – Prim teeth (straight)
Hair: Wasabi Pills – Selene (Royal) BOOBS

I must admit Chan outdid herself with this one so would like to say TY on this 😛


So where does that leave us?? AH YES the free woman shall we see what we came up with?

Heaven and Hell

HEAVEN AND HELL!! staring yours truly and the forever fragile Śhíz (shizzelle.causten) stunning in every way!

Both Shiz and I are wearing a dress from plastik from the we ❤ rp event pitch and pure mixed up with the EZ armor and i LOVE how this turned up. The idea for both outfits originally started with shiz idea so ty hun for always being amazing! ❤

So that it for this post but just goes to show you just because an item is popular and everyone is wearing it dont pass it up mix around and make it your own 😛

what you still doing here?? go buy the items jeebus!







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