A Look Into All Things Mesh!


So like i said i am going to be starting to look into other things we can get our hands on in the wonderful world of SL,

Alot of Designers out there get overlooked in blogs for the sheer fact they do not design clothes or are known for making them so my first stop i would like to show some things made by the fabulous Tia Biscuit

The one thing i wanted to feature was her [Tia] Swing Bed and yes well this lovely piece i could not model alone so i just had to drag the amazing JJames Alter

oh who am i kidding i just wanted him to get his kit off hehe….so lets take a look

Tia bed

tia bed 2

This bed comes with 2 versions adult and cuddles well worth the Ls you spend on it 😀 and just with a click can be any colour of the rainbow….what your still here?? go now buy!

The next item i wanted to feature was the .a i s l i n g .  Lady Sciarri created by the amazing Druunah Esharham


Can also be edited with a hud so can be any colour you wish and poses that i didnt even know could be done on a couch no pose balls just sit 😀

if this post hasnt won you over go visit both stores try out for yourself i promise you will not be disappointed

again tysm for JJames for helping me out 😛

[2013/07/06 13:47]  JJames Alter flips the mattress over where the stains are.. lol
[2013/07/06 13:47]  DarkMatter Wizardly: uhuh so quoting that in my blog


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