New at OAL


So i am back from Japan hmm thinking i may do some themed outfits soon πŸ˜€

So i return in the wee hours of morn and to my surprise i was left with a OAL gift πŸ˜€ as always Lark makes me smile

Lets have a look at what she has to offer this week


introducing MAZU, a new slave outfit and TREASURE CHEST, a decorative item.

MAZU is a two piece slave outfit with a slit skirt and a simple wrap top.Β  Made of linen with a contrasting linen print on the skirt and top, MAZU also includes a coordinating belly and back tattoo.Β  Available in 9 colors.

TREASURE CHEST is a copyable mesh chest that includes 9 sits and even a hide.Β  Perfect for just about any room.


I love both items again the slave item can be mixed as a free and slave, the chest is just too cute and is great for any home πŸ˜€

If you took advantage of this on tuesday you would of received the item for 25L but if not still well worth full price. go take a look at OAL store

TY again Lark for always making me smile ❀


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