This Weeks OAL 25Ls


So i have been very lazy blog wise 😦 as a lot of you may or may not know we said goodbye to Malice Outpost…*sighs* but never mind we just moved haha and under a new name too Malicious Berzerkers so have been busy but log on today and to my surprise lark drops this little goody on me!

ASPIRE 2-Steel

OAL 17th

introducing a sister to ASPIRE — ASPIRE 2, a mini version of the popular ASPIRE.  Just like the long version, ASPIRE 2 is a sexy dress made in a loosely woven fabric, accompanied by knit sleeves, spire shaped tattoos, and a modesty top that wraps around.  In addition, there are LOLAS appliers in all combinations for the tattoo and top.  The dress is in 5 sized and is available on Tuesday, June 18, on a one day introductory special.

As always Lark you always make me smile and make us all look stunning! ❤

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