Ok so i think everyone is loving the new complete mesh outfit craze so i thought i would share this with all the others who love this style out there…its a secret? well was untill i was shown it mwahahah

I want to say a huge thankyou to Joe King for showing me this store without him i would be style less 😦

wanna see the outfits? ooh ok ok

Joe mesh

Joe looking smexy as always!

next up moi! i actually made an outfit inspired by Forsaken world here –

I call it preist ❤

priest outfit

Ok this outfit is just a full mesh outfit from Twisted Sista shopping complex i added a mesh cross and put glow on it

next up strike a pose!

Joe and Darky1

one word HOT! wanna know where to get it? here – Twisted Sista shopping complex, Heaven and Hell, Twisted Sista shops,  (233, 195, 6)

BIG ty to Legend Darkrose for making these outfits come alive 😀


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