! Cellar Door The Seer

Ok so very very far behind with posts as well i have been to new york and got back a while a go but just getting back into the UK time zones ect, sooo with saying that here is one of the newer outfits from cellar door!! i love all of these outfits as wolfy always puts alot of thought into these and it is always based on some folklore tale always adding some info regards to what hair fits well with it too. so lets have a look at this outfit

cellar door the seerSo this outfit i decided to put on my Mamba alt as it seemed very mamberish? if that is even a word laughs. I have to say i love this outfit you can wear it either as a free woman or a slave either way it will give your avatar a savage scary sexy look ❤ – https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Cellar-Door-The-Seer/4515867

and yes…sighs…its gonna break the bank at 100L wait wait WHAT 100L!! IS THAT IT? hell buy it for all your alts ❤

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