Cellar Door new outfit!

I am in love! yes indeed i am….who you ask? -ωolƒу DaraKaruSilverfall (nitestar.albion) owner of Cellar door, Her clothes are amazing! so well made and low price you would be silly to overlook her outfits! Her new outfit – ! Cellar Door Espen as seen below Cellar door Outfit

This outfit wolfy has outdone herself! its kick ass beautiful! things that are not included in those outfit are the scarf and crest and cig but comes with EVERYTHING ELSE boots corset arm warmers shoulder armor shirt and pants! now i know the price may shock you a bit and its a bit much but…oh who am i kidding its only 100L IS THAT IT??? what are you still doing here hmm go buy the outfit! hell ill even make it easy for you – https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Cellar-Door-Espen/4468274      click add to cart ITS THAT SIMPLE ❤ you all




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