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All things Mesh and Wonderful…

So when i decided to start this blog i was only going to stick to outfits but why stick to that? I have decided to look into all aspects of this fun world we call SL

Soooo lets take a look at the first item i have decided to feature


Yes its a cushion…what can you do with a cushion you ask…sit? well this item i have decided to feature is the newest item from SC13 my besties store Maximus Chrome. The cushion comes in 2 different version Fur and Leather and Fabric and of course you have the sit version and naughty 😛 the poses on all of SC13 are amazing best by far in SL and for 3 prim?? can you really go wrong

The next I would like to feature on my blog is im sure we have all heard of this store [Tia] by Tia Biscuit. Her work by far is the best mesh work for furniture and very low prim. So this post is really to focus on her newer products


All her items in the store are very low prim and you can see are beautiful, take full advantage of the full range 🙂