25L from OAL

Yes yes it’s that time again I hear you scream the 25L Tuesday πŸ˜€

This week from OAL in the wee hours of the morn i was given the outfit and my first impression was Awe loves Lark! cos i mean look at it?? Snapshot_001

She takes such detail in even the packaging!!

Ok so lets take a look at the outfit shall we?

*OAL* Burlap Kiss ~ Black – – Girlie is on a Burlap kick πŸ˜›

OAL 25L 4th dec

Lark knows me well smirk

First impression of this outfit was i loved it! its wintry and perfect for any free woman you are completely covered πŸ˜› no excuse for showing any of that side boob

This outfit is available in 9 different colours and fits perfect into any aspects of gorean roleplay thankyou again Lark for always bringing us quality ❀OAL 25L 4th dec complete

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