Two Guys One Girl And A Beard?

Ok so I decided to take a look at some of our hunks in Malice cos I mean come on? they got the swagga 😛

First up is Hexx Bayn. Although new to the group he has fitted in as if he had always been a part of the family

Settle down people you wanna see this guy in all his pixeliciousness you have to catch him first

Hair: *Dura-Boy* 39 (Black)
Skin: -Nivaro- – Vasean Skin – darktone – stubble
Eyes: *KENTO* Intense Eyes – Light Blue
Body Tattoo: .::[rPs]::. Fullbody Killer Tattoo
Face Tattoo: .Pekka. Forehead Cross – black
Facial Hair: Fruk Face Fuzz – The Stinger Beard Brown
Lashes: [CheerNo] Mesh Lashes – Simple
Shape: My Own
Jacket: .:villena:. – Fleece parka black
Necklace: :SEY ‘Black Star” – Medium
Gloves: FATEwear – Dexter – Void
Pants: {EPIC} Legit Pants – Black
Boots: [Gos] Triumph Boots – Black
Next up we have the Cute but Deadly! ℙяυ ℭɭąωʈσσʈɦ (pru.primeau)

Pru is actually my RP daughter anyone who ever has the opportunity to rp her grab it with both hands and do not let go!Shape: Mine
Eyes: .ID. Real Eyes
Skin Curio – Pout
Hair: [e] Figure
Eyelashes: LeLutka-2011 lashes/long
Plastik – Soul Ink
Teeth: LeLutka- TethAlpha
Top: DLS- Valiant Upper Chainmail
Bodysuit: Freya – Thief
Boots: Freya – Thief
Hood: Freya – Thief
Nose Blindfold: Freya – Thief
Flag: House of Clawtooth (My Family get your own =P)

Weapons are both Legend bow and blade

The flag is actually a custom-made flag from Lark  aka, Discovering Destiny

And last but no means least we have the very hairy Melkor Akros

Mel is actually also a new member but has also slipped into our family and our hearts with his pervy moans and his fluffy beard…All about the beard guys

Crown = Custom made
Hair = Maitreya Kim – Pitch by Onyx LeShelle
Beard = +Viral;GrizzlyAdams by Paradoxical Mode
Cloak = [DA] Fur Cape by Doraleous
Top, kilt and belt = Rochambeau Bandit Outfit by Leviathan Flux
Chainmail Undershirt and underpants = Custom made
Gauntlets = [DA] Savage Gauntlets by Doraleous
Sash = Snatched Buccaneer Brown Sash by Braydon Randt
Boots = [DA] Plate Boots by Doraleous
Sword & shield = Primus Toryvi Myss by Thord Karu
Crossbow = Primus Mortuus Insertis by Thord Karu
Skin & Shape = Custom made

Group photo time!! ❤

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