OAL and what this weeks 25L has to offer

OHAI! yes yes another post for you all isn’t this exciting???

So I have to say one of my fave stores by far is OAL. Lark  aka, Discovering Destiny designs are by far the best in SL, I am always excited to see every new creation this lady has to offer, This week she has indeed outdone herself with her outfit.

Burlap Bond                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Bond Belly

I have to say I loves both outfits! The Burlap Bond can easily be transformed into a Freewoman outfit just by wearing an undershirt, If any of you own many OAL outfits im sure you will have plenty of undershirts 😛 – this is the offer whis is in place for 25L Available in 11 colors. I myself will be buying all 11 teehee

The Bond Belly outfit is incredibly cute! any Northern style bond could accessories this outfit and make a creation to call their own, this outfit is actually a different offer but it is still an amazing outfit and can be yours for 60L

all in all a two thumbs way way up for both outfits!! ❤ you Lark

Have fun ladies 😛

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